Carpet Washing Machine / ER 6000




Technical Features 
Width: 3350 mm
Lenght: 3350 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Carpet Width: 2600 mm
Band Width: 2700 mm
Brush - Diameter: 
6 disc brush (450 mm diameter)
2 cylinder brush (270 mm diameter) (2600 mm width
80-120 bar pressurized water washing and go-come pump
Band Speed: 1,5-6 m/dk
Total Motor Power: 15 kW
Control Panel: Touchmatic screen, PLC control, manuel
Water Use: 12-26 L/min
Type: Full Automatic (12 different program depending on carpet type)
Weight: 1800 kg
Material: 304 quality stainless steel INOX (CrNi)





As we are, Ergin Carpet Washing Machines, we produced ER 6000, inspired from ER 3000 Carpet Washing Machine. ER 6000 is superior model of ER 3000. We installed ER 6000 4 disc brushes, same with our brushes used in carpet preparation machine. These brushes work for shampoo and scrubbing.ER 6000 has cylinder brushes as well.

The leader of carpet washing machine production, Ergin Makina has ISO 9001 certificate, uses stainless steel as main material of machines and uses German - Turkish first class motor parts.

Our carpet washing machines and carpet drying machines have 2 years of warranty. Installion and education of our machines are free.





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