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Why Ergin Makina ?

Because we care about technology and quality of our machines.

Because we have been producing carpet washing machines for 10 years and we are in sector for 40 years.
We have been producing washing machines since 1970. And carpet washing machines for 10 years. Because we are producing our carpet washing machines with first class material. All of our
machines are made with 304 quality INOX Stainless Steel. The electrical parts we used are Siemens.
Because we care technology used in carpet washing machines.
All of our machines are supported with newest technology parts. To control panel to side parts, all of our materials are best of its class.


You should pay attention to these when you buy a carpet washing machine:
1: A carpet washing machine must be completely chrome INOX.
Unfortunately, people who are not aware of this get trapped by cheap machines made from iron. Iron machines are only usable for 1 - 1,5 years and they got rot.
2: A carpet washing machine musn't have parts made in China.
Because these machines always cause trouble. Even there's warranty, machines made with Chinese parts are always having low performance and bad-production.
3: A carpet washing machine must be suitable for every washing program.
As you know, there are a lot of carpet types with different sizes and features. So, your carpet washing machine must be suitable for all kinds of carpets.
4- A carpet washing machine must have good quality brushes, a lot of functions and high quality.
The brushes must be chosen carefully. Please don't forget, amount of brushes and hardness of brushes are very important for carpet washing.
5- A carpet washing machine must have after-sales services.
A carpet washing machine needs a good maintenance and a good technical service. This is as important as buying a carpet washing machine. As Ergin Makina, you can call us to get support from our technical team for each machine you bought. They will install the machine for you and give a lecture about how to use a carpet washing machine.
All our our machines have 2 years of warranty with high quality technical service.

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