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Cylinder brushes on the machine effect the deepest areas of carpet, cleanse carpet from dirt, dust and unknown materials.With Go/Come system, pressure pressurized water and detergent would be applied on carpet. Before the carpet washing, ER 3000 chooses program for detergent and chemicals, depending on type of carpet, dirtyness level. ER 3000 automaticly selects brush pressure, no matter carpet thickness.

ER 5000 Carpet Washing Machine designed with 40 years of experience. It's one of the highest capacity, the most user friendly and eco-friendly machine of ERGİN MAKİNA. ER 5000 makes profit from water, energy, chemicals and workmanship. ER 5000 is one of the best choices of professional carpet washers.

As we are, Ergin Carpet Washing Machines, we produced ER 6000, inspired from ER 3000 Carpet Washing Machine. ER 6000 is superior model of ER 3000. We installed ER 6000 4 disc brushes, same with our brushes used in carpet preparation machine. These brushes work for shampoo and scrubbing.ER 6000 has cylinder brushes as well. They work automaticly when carpet is detected.

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