Halı Sıkma Makinası / HSM 2700


Technical Features 
Width: 3350 mm
Lenght: 3350 mm
Height: 2000 mm
Carpet Width: 2600 mm
Band Width 2700 mm
Brush - Diameter: 
6 disc brush (450 mm diameter)
2 cylinder brush (270 mm diameter) (2600 mm width)
80-120 bar pressurized water cleaning and go-come pump.
Band Speed: 1,5-6 m/min
Motorpower: 15 kW
Control Panel: Touchmatic screen, PLC control, Manuel
Water Use: 12-26 L/min
Usage: Full automatic (12 different programs for different carpet types)
Weight: 1800 kg
Material: 304 quality stainless stell INOX (CrNi)



This machine has made for carpets to get dried after the washing section. During the centrifugal section, the pressurized water washes the carpet again and cleanse carpet from last chemicals. After this, carpet would be hygienic, bright and durable. All of our machines' main material is 304 quality stainless steel(chrome) INOX CrNi. We have ISO 9001 quality management certificate and CE document. Our goal is to produce high quality machines for carpet washers. This makes us the leader of carpet washing machine companies. All of our motor parts are first class German - Turkish products.

All of our machines have 2 years of warranty. Machine installation and carpet washing training are free and given by Ergin Machinery.